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A movement with a revolutionary vision for economic freedom

Cryptocurrency is the fastest digital asset in modern history. People are jumping into this new technology and we are positioned to teach well by making it easy and simple to understand. Learn about decentralized finance, NFTS, and what is blockchain technology by joining our growing community. Sign up today!

We are a utility-based meme token focused on the building of organic communities, innovation, and helping friends build financial freedom through crypto. If you missed the early days of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu, now is your chance to enter at the very beginning of a new token. We are a team of engineers, developers, historians, creators, and Metaverse dreamers with a truly diverse background from Japan, Israel, and the U.S. We are focused on decentralized finance, NFTs, Metaverse experiences, and business ventures.

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