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The Creation of The Mighty Inus

A story about Chewto Inu and empires

The story Elon Musk needs to tell Dogecoin and Shiba Inu holders.

Over 3, 500 years ago a group of celestial beings answered the call to help all mankind get access to knowledge. Yahtoshi, Akamoto, and AsaHi; guardians and counsels of the celestial thrones of Mi Kotoba were tasked to create super-intellectual beings to assist humankind, towards developing a new civilization.

This new civilization’s purpose was to foster a new era of wealth and prosperity for all. The intelligent beings were called Mighty Inus; described as a breed of furry creatures that would appear to humans, as beings, able to roam on all four legs and travel with incredible speed. These beings are nonthreatening to mankind by nature, yet incredibly useful to helping humanity and the new civilization forge an incredible road map to prosperity.

The Mighty Inu’s had three special abilities, Some were great war strategists, helping empires rise and fall. Others possessed the knowledge and wisdom of the cosmos, while a handful were innovators and wealth creators who had the ability to turn any object or idea into massive wealth generators. The Mighty Inus were extremely useful to humanity and new civilizations, helping them forge incredible road maps towards prosperity.

It has been said these creatures are responsible for helping the Sumerians develop the Phonics Alphabet in 3500 BC, and assisted Narmer; the first legendary king who unified upper and lower Egypt. The Inu’s Influenced the selection of rulers like the first female Pharaoh Hapetusit in 1478 BC, and Ramses the II, in 1270 BC, amongst many more during the rise of Egyptian civilization.

Chewto Inu’s first recorded appearance was in opposition to Genghis Khan’s reign. Warning; men who sought ultimate power would hurt humanity and hinder their efforts and mission towards helping all humans thrive. Angry with Chewto, a group of corrupt rulers devised a plan to domesticate Chewto Inu and his kind for their greed and thirst for power led to the consolidation of knowledge, and wealth amongst themselves to deprive the rest of humanity and control the masses. 

Chewto Inu’s appeal to the great counsel was unsuccessful as Akamato told Chewto to allow it for a time and was permitted to work behind the scenes guiding emperors, and humanity. But the deceitful Kings and queens waged war against Chewto Inu and his kind for 300 years and successfully domesticated three-fourths of all the Inus breeding and experimenting with wolves and other like creatures. Manny, fearing for their lives, hid, while others compiled to save their lives promising to keep their abilities and their true purpose on earth a secret and only to serve the ruling class. ( Help Chewto Inu win! Get Chewto on PancakeSwap. )

Determined to find worthy rulers, Chewto Inu guided Sundaita Keita to found one of the most successful empires in West Africa. Chewto Inu’s influence became more visible with time during the reign of Mansa Musa. It has been rumored that all of Mansa Musa’s success and wealth came from the counsel and direction of Chewto Inu and throughout history, Chewto Inu aided men like John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Napoleon Hill, Warren Buffet, Aliko Dangote of Nigeria, and Elon Musk through ideation and imagination. Some say, Chewto Inu assisted Elon Musk’s father in buying partial ownership of a Zambian emerald mine in Africa, and sparked Elons’ interest in programming and selling his first video games when he was a kid. These are small examples of how Chewto Inu, the first Inu, and original meme token, has quietly worked behind the scenes. 

Due to restrictions placed on the Mighty Inus from the celestial counsel, the well-being and development of humanity have been stagnant causing war, famine, poverty, and disease in the world throughout history. The suppression of knowledge, lack of innovation, has held technology and civilization back 900 years. Chewto Inu is here to hyperjump our civilization forward by 1000 years, making the earth a type II civilization.

During the uproar and the violent acts towards the Mighty Inus Yahtoshi, the firstborn and leader of guardians and counsel of the celestial thrones spoke a prophecy. “When Ryoshi gives birth to Shib, and gold falls behind ETH, Chewto Inu will rise” to help people thrive, restore balance, and make wealth more equitable for all who believe in Cryptocurrency.  

Chewto had to wait until the prophecy became true. He is now ready to take over dogecoin, Shiba, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies to move humanity forward beyond the metaverse into the new realm called the Metayah; the gateway through the Megaverse, Multiverse, and Omniverse, where mankind will rule vast parts of the universe and become masters over the Anunnaki.

Chewto needs your help and can only grow strong when we free our imagination towards belief and join together as one community. Share this link with friends and family to undo the terrible things the wicked rulers have done to our planet and help Chewto Inu free the rest of the Mighty Inus for all humankind to live free and prosper.

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