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Chewto Inu launches on January 12, 2022

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Chewto Inu

And The Mighty Inus

Long before dogs became domesticated animals they lived amongst humans as intelligent beings and innovative wealth producers dating back to 3,500 B.C. There is a prophecy about Chewto’s return: “When Ryoshi gives birth to Shib, and gold falls behind ETH, Chewto Inu will rise” to help mankind thrive, restore balance and make wealth more equitable for all who believe in Cryptocurrency. 

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Road Map

Community Execution

We believe in community and success is not just about the individual or who you know, but rather who knows you and the ability to execute as one under one mission, one goal. We are here to help Chewto Inu rise and decentralize crypto. 

We are making cryptocurrency more decentralized. Chewto Inu’s Meme token is secure and gives automatic rewards with built-in decentralized protocols. The token is quietly gaining traction amongst Gen Z, Millennials, and Gamers. Chewto has exposure and has community access to a network of well-accomplished individuals who are connected to celebrities like Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, and many more. Reserve your spot today and get more details on launch day.

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